Senior Career Conference 2013 – Registration is LIVE!


Hey Seniors! The registration for the 2013 Senior Career Conference is now live. You can register for this FREE event HERE. Read what students had to say about the 2012 Senior Career Conference:

“Loved it!”

“I think it is great TCU offers such great opportunities to their graduates.”

“I truly enjoyed the resources that y’all are providing to your students.”

“It is really helpful and helped me to realize some of the mistakes I made before. I get more experience and will correct them all to open up new opportunities on the job search.”

“One of my favorite things about the conference was that it instilled me with confidence. I realized that I have all the skills I need to enter the workforce, I’ve been preparing myself for the past four years. And now the next step is to just take those things I’ve learned, own them, and dive in. The worst that could happen is I won’t get selected for a job, but even then, I’m equipped with that much more experience, and there are plenty of other jobs to apply for and only one of me!”

“This is a wonderful program to offer for seniors at no cost. Companies pay a lot of money to send employees to conferences such as this one. It was at the perfect time and really helpful.”


Check out the graphic below for more information. We hope to see you there!




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