Internship Scholarship Program


Are you an undergraduate student interested in a Summer 2013 internship?

Is the internship well-defined and does it provide experience to develop your professional skills?

Is your internship non-paying or low-paying and do you need additional funding assistance?

Introducing the new Internship Scholarship Program!

If you have or are interested in an unpaid or low-paying (less than $1,000) internship for Summer 2013 and need financial support, this program could be for you!

How to Apply for the Program:

Step 1

Apply for internships and secure a job offer. For assistance in job search strategies, contact your Career Advisor at 817-257-2222.

Step 2

Upload your most current résumé into FrogJobs.

Step 3

Complete the Internship Scholarship Program application in FrogJobs by April 12.  For instructions, click here.

Internship Scholarship Program


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