Fall Career Webinar Series


career_network_webinarsHave you noticed how much the job search process has changed?

The internet and social media websites have drastically changed the way hiring managers find employees and research them!

While you still need to have basic skills in networking, interviewing and building a credible resume, today you have to have an understanding about how to use social media to find jobs before they are posted as well as to expand your personal network.  To help you build a successful career and job search strategy, we are introducing the Career Webinar Series that will deliver the nation’s top career authors and experts right to your computer for live webinars. This is a free tool available to TCU students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Our speakers includes:

October 2
Peter Weddle, Career Management

November 6
Melissa Giovagnoli, Social Media

December 4
Chris Westfall, Elevator Pitch

January 1
Ben Casnocha, Personal Entrepreneurism

February 5
Richard Bolles, Career Development

March 5
Dr. Ivan Misner, Networking

April 2
Al Duncan, Leadership

May 7
Susan Whitcomb, Twitter

June 4
John Boyd, Job Search

All you need is a computer, Smart Phone or Smart Pad to participate.   You can also join an ongoing discussion about careers, career opportunities and ideas with classmates and fellow alumni.

Building a successful career starts with having the right job search skills.   Join us and continue your commitment to make the next job search faster, easier and more productive!

Visit www.careers.tcu.edu to join the webinars and for more information.


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