Perceptive Software – National Employer Recruiting Spotlight


“Perceptive Software, a division of Lexmark, International, builds technology that gives organizations visibility to and control over all of the processes and data they need to work smarter, within the context of their enterprise software applications. We combine a practical knowledge of the customer’s business and the right mix of technology, with the most relevant best practices to deliver complete solutions that tackle today’s biggest organizational challenges—financial performance, managing risk and adapting to the future.”

PS 1Over fall break, TCU students participated in a corporate site visit to Kansas City. This fortunate handful of students had the privilege of visiting Perceptive Software where they not only toured the amazing headquarters, but also heard from two of the founders and a panel of professionals in the consulting practice. The entrepreneurial spirit is very apparent at Perceptive Software – from their work hard/play hard culture to the president of the company speaking about the importance of his employees believing that they can take risks.  Perceptive Software has a unique culture that could even be described as “googlesque” with the high tech, casual environment. Students enjoyed getting from the second floor to the first floor on the twirly slide.  The only downside of our visit to Perceptive Software was not having time to let off some steam playing a game of dodge ball on their regulation dodge ball court!

Perceptive Software is an innovative, fast growing company with their headquarters in the suburbs of Kansas City.  Since they were acquired by Lexmark in 2010, they have tripled their revenue and employee base.  This acquisition by Lexmark propelled them into being a global company with their product now being used in 30 countries across the world and expanding their offices to Washington DC, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and the Netherlands.  Originally focusing on the higher education industry, they have grown to offer additional products in the realm of enterprise content management and serve a broader subset of industries.


There are a variety of opportunities for campus hires (internship and full time) at Perceptive Software both in professional services and operations including sales effectiveness, sales operations, marketing, technical support and software development.  The professional services consultant internship is designed to introduce the college student to a real-life professional services role.  The intern works alongside experienced Project Managers and Consultants on ongoing projects related to the analysis, design, deployment and support of high-end enterprise content management software.   While technical majors including Business Information Systems and Computer Science are targeted for the consultant position, they are open to considering other majors for the consultant role, but having technical knowledge and interest helps.  Perceptive Software is at the end of their internship recruiting cycle so act ASAP if you are interested.  There is currently an active posting on FrogJobs for the Consultant Intern (Job ID 37310), Software Engineer Intern (Job ID 37312) and Product Support Engineer Intern (Job ID 37313) that expires 11/13/13 and full-time Professional Services Consultant (Job ID 37755) that expires 12/5/13.  Perceptive Software provides housing (including maid service and access to a golf course!) and competitive pay to their interns.  They look at their internship candidates as first and primary pipeline for full time opportunities.

In addition to specific qualifications for each role, general qualifications for campus hires include:

  • Having passion
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, non-structured environment
  • Independent worker, self- starter
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Flexible on majors—passion and interest is most important

When asked what type of individuals are good fits for Perceptive Software, the leadership described successful employees as being entrepreneurial, change agents and problem solvers.  If these words describe you and you are interested in working for an innovative, fast growing technology company in Kansas City then consider Perceptive Software.  Check out the positions currently posted on FrogJobs, the Perceptive Software careers page and see your career advisor for how to best position you for this company and their campus hire opportunities.


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