Cerner – National Employer Recruiting Spotlight


Cerner 2We are transforming health care by eliminating error, variance and waste for health care providers and consumers around the world. Our solutions optimize processes for health care organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and for the field of health care as a whole. Our solutions are licensed by approximately 10,000 facilities worldwide.” Source: Cerner website

If you’re passionate about the health care industry and have interest in working for an innovative, growing company in the tech space, then read on and consider Cerner.

As a company, Cerner provides solutions in the health care industry that optimize processes for health care organizations.  Cerner employees travel throughout the United States to client sites which include clinics and hospitals.

Cerner’s headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri with several campuses throughout the city to meet the needs of the company’s continued growth.  You can feel the energetic, innovative and passionate “buzz” at their corporate headquarters. While Cerner is working to improve the delivery of health care, they also focus on the health and well-being of their employees.  The food in the employee cafeteria is delicious, but also presented in a way to encourage their employees to make healthy choices. There is an on-site workout facility, health clinic/pharmacy and day care facility. Employees receive incentives and can reduce their healthcare premiums by doing certain things that proactively manage their health and wellbeing.

There are full-time positions available in technical, business and software-oriented fields and some internship opportunities in technology.  The four campus programs include the following:

  • Velocity Analyst – improve clinical and business effectiveness through analysis, forecast and measurement.  Entry level Velocity Analysts are placed in one of the following roles: Cerner Careers, Cerner Ambulatory, Training, Consulting Operations, Finance.
  • Delivery Consultant – responsible for installation of client solution.  You are hired as either a Professional Services Consultant with 20-80% travel or Application Services Consultant with 0-20% travel to the client site.
  • Software Engineer – create industry-leading technology that impacts patient care and/or Cerner business around the globe.
  • Systems Engineer – support the backbone through which all of Cerner technology runs.

Cerner is a results driven, pay-for-performance company. Applicants must have a strong GPA and excellent analytical and communication skills. There are five key qualities that make up the company’s culture: passion, entrepreneurs, innovators, over-achievers and someone who enjoys fast-paced environment. If you feel that you would be a good fit and are interested in opportunities at Cerner, take a look at the current postings on FrogJobs.  You might also find it beneficial to contact your career advisor on their advice on how to best position your application and credentials with Cerner.


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