Allstate – National Employer Recruiting Spotlight


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“We are insurance. We are financial services.  We are also so much more. 

We are lawyers, writers, web developers, accountants, building engineers, application developers, project managers and human resources specialists.  We are creative, driven, passionate, fearless and curious. Our unique culture of inclusion helps us maximize innovation and creativity.  

We believe that welcoming different ideas, cultures and backgrounds gives us a competitive advantage in a diverse, global marketplace. At Allstate, it’s our differences that drive our success—as individuals and as a company. 

We celebrate creative problem-solving as we work together to make a difference in our communities. 

We believe in providing the very best tools and resources available to help keep our customers—and our employees—in Good Hands.”  From Allstate University Relations Manager LinkedIn Profile

As I was on the train traveling back from my visit to Allstate this month, I connected via LinkedIn with the University Relations Manager that I met with while I was there. Her LinkedIn profile offered an excellent description of Allstate. This description embodied many of the thoughts and words that came to my mind when I reflected on my visit and our conversation.  Allstate, a Fortune 100 company, is much more than insurance and provides some excellent career opportunities in a variety of business functions.  I was expecting a traditional, conservative insurance company, but what I experienced was a vibrant, progressive and innovative company. photo 1

Allstate’s headquarters is located in Northbrook, IL, a suburb just north of Chicago.  It is located on a sprawling campus with a series of several buildings.  As I checked in at security, I was greeted by the most friendly front desk attendant and then saw the “Good Hands” sign and could immediately feel the motto permeate the company and corporate culture.  You could sense a collegial feel, which was confirmed when I asked one of our alums who works there to describe the culture.  Other words used to describe the culture were: familial, laid back, good natured people, teamwork and willing to help others, focus on growth/development of employees and innovative.  The décor and design was also not what I was expecting—it was very hip, vibrant and contemporary.  There is an on-site Starbucks and Red Mango—that is in addition to a full service dining hall.  Employees can take care of their personal needs at the on-site dry cleaners and beauty salon.  Other amenities include on-site health club, intramural sports and day care.

While I was impressed by the facilities and feel of the company, I was most excited to hear about the opportunities for our students.  There are a variety of internship opportunities across many different departments and business functions.  They photo 3are still in the recruiting process for many of these internship positions—check out the Allstate careers page to see what is currently available.  Many of the internships are in technology, marketing, finance and actuarial functions.  All internships are paid and a housing stipend is available for those students who live outside of a 40 mile radius of Northbrook.

While there are a variety of full-time entry level positions available, we focused our discussion on the Leadership Development Program (LDP) which was created to develop and groom leaders to have cross-functional experience and to create a leadership pipeline.  The LDP is a three year, rotational development program.   Rotations could be in, but not limited to the following departments: sales, marketing, data analytics, HR, investments, finance, customer experience, underwriting, claims, internal audit, accounting, business to business, and real estate.  They recruit top talent for this program—minimum 3.5 GPA, leadership experience, past internship experience, excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence are some of the qualities that they are looking for in candidates.  They are open to any major, but seek candidates with an analytical mind-set, business acumen and professionalism.  There is also a Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP) which is very similar to the LDP, but they seek candidates in this program with technical skills and majors.  They are still currently recruiting for both programs—see the FrogJobs posting for the LDP and apply directly via the Allstate careers page for both opportunities.  Act now if you’re interested!

To help set yourself apart when applying for campus hire opportunities, you might consider connecting with the University Relations Manager, Loren Leedberg, via LinkedIn to express your interest, seek additional information (especially about the LDP to determine interest and fit) and request feedback on your application and fit with Allstate’s needs and qualifications.  At this time, Allstate does not consider students who do not have permanent and/or unrestricted authorization to work in the US.  As always, see your Career Advisor if you have questions about your fit and best way to position yourself for these positions.


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