Etiquette Tip: Spring cleaning of social media


spring cleaning

If it has been warmer in Alaska than where you are lately, you might be feeling some winter doldrums.  Even the Southern Californians are suffering in the 60s.  Brrrrrr!  It is so bad, some of them are even wearing socks.

The best cure is spring cleaning… of your social media.  Here are a few ideas to make your public profile sparkle:

  • Freshen up your Linkedin photo. Whether you work in a business or business casual environment, does your photo represent the professional, polished look you want?  (If your neckline falls below the bottom of the picture, then no one knows how low it goes.  When it comes to the workplace… modest is hottest.)
  • Clear out other photos.  Those hilarious party photos on Facebook?  41 percent of managers in a survey said information about drug or alcohol use on a Facebook page would cause them to reject a job candidate.
  • Scrub and scour your language and grammar. How you communicate online is a reflection of how you will communicate with future co-workers or clients.
  • Toss out old posts that don’t serve your current career aspirations.
  • Change your work email for a personal email. Never sign up for any social media with your work email. If you get laid off, you may not have access to reclaim your account.

Doesn’t that feel better? Don’t you just feel like a new person online?  If you are on Twitter, tweet us a picture of how the weather is in your area @TCU_CareerServ!

Thanks to the Culture and Manners Institute for the tips!


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