Etiquette Tip: What interviewers don’t care about



It’s time for a little tough love.  This is difficult for me to say, and the last thing I want is for you to take this the wrong way.

But interviewers don’t care what they can do for you.  There it is.  The skunk is on the table.

They don’t care that the job might be a great stepping stone in your career or that you would have a tremendous sense of accomplishment if you worked for them.

I know!  That’s so selfish of them, isn’t it?  Who knew they could be this uncaring and unfeeling?  It’s all about them.  So typical.

The same for sales relationships — the person buying products from you doesn’t care if you meet your next target or that writing a big order would help you buy the new Corvette with the V8 engine and over 600 horsies… not even if it would get you more dates. (…or a date.)

Employers and potential customers want to know what you can do for them.

So when writing a cover letter or a sales pitch, don’t say, “I feel like this job (or sale) would be a great opportunity for me.”

Do say:
“I know my legal expertise and writing skills would be a great asset to your company.”
“With my social media background, I am confident I could help define your target audience and expand your reach.”
“These new widget-magidgets will double the productivity of your team and give you more time to focus on distribution.”

Now get out there and get that job or land that big contract!  It really is about you, but that can be our little secret.

Thanks to the Culture and Manners Institute for the tips!


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