Amazon Recruiting Veterans




By: Colby Williamson
University Recruiter and Veteran

Growing up in Texas I always had a strong sense of patriotism and I knew a lot of people who served in the military. Becoming a Marine always felt like a calling for me! When I was in boot camp 9/11 hit and the world as I knew it changed. After 4 years of service I decided to attend college and build on my leadership skills. It took a long time for me to fully transition from the military into my civilian career. I dreamed about a day when Student Veterans would have more options and the American Dream would be more attainable for them. That dream has now come true and I get to live it every day as an Amazonian! Amazon believes in “working hard, having fun, and making history.”

If you enjoy being a leader and championing an entrepreneur mentality then becoming an Amazon Operations Leader might be a good opportunity for you. You would be leading teams of 50-100 associates and owning processes within our Fulfillment centers which are located nationwide. We look for leaders who have a passion to engage and inspire their teams and who also have a desire to dive deep into data, process improvement and entrepreneurship mentality.This is a very dynamic role with an aggressive career path. Area Managers are the backbone of our operations leadership.

a.com_logo_RGBWe have locations nationwide, specifically Southern California, Washington State, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Tampa.  We offer relocation assistance and work with candidates to place them in locations they prefer. We are focused on our candidates experience so we created a Facebook page for our new hires where groups of students can chat about their experience and bounce ideas off one another.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, read more about our company values, and apply to the job posting via FrogJobs (Job ID: 43882) and the Amazon website. The deadline is October 15; however we will be reviewing applications as they come in so please apply right away. The job start date will be after December graduation, typically March-April.

Thank you for your service and I look forward to receiving your application.

Colby Williamson



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