Etiquette Tip: Break bread, she said



This week, I am doing a breakfast dining tutorial for a group of college students and professionals, so this might be a good opportunity to talk about the etiquette of breaking bread at a breakfast meeting.

  • Do not butter a croissant. They are practically made of butter. Break off a bite-size piece, add jelly/jam if you like, and eat it.
  • How many times have you tried to eat a cinnamon roll slathered in frosting with your fingers, then slyly wipe your fingers on your perspiring water glass, before trying to clean them off under the table on your napkin? Don’t do it. If you are at a business meal, tackle the gooey cinnamon or pecan roll with a fork and knife. (I will not even mention finger licking, because I know you would never ever do that.)
  • Muffins: break in half, then break off bite-size pieces, butter each piece and eat it. Muffin to it. (Sorry.)
  • Butter and add jelly/jam to the whole piece of toast (while it is resting on your bread plate, not in the palm of your hand). Cut the toast in half (most restaurants will already serve it cut in half) or quarters and eat each piece.
  • With a doughnut, tear off a bite-size piece and eat it. No dunking in business. In the privacy of your own home with the shades drawn, dunk away.

unnamed Thanks to the Culture and Manners Institute for the tips!


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