Interested in working at Amazon?


Amazon has recently posted again this year a Brand Specialist/Analyst position in their Amazon Retail Undergraduate Program.  Amazon is looking for smart, analytical, customer-obsessed and enthusiastic undergraduates for this program that serves as a leadership pipeline for their global retail business.  If you’re interested in working for Amazon and looking for a challenging analyst role with leadership potential, consider exploring this position.

Join us for an Amazon Information Session (Event ID 1206) on Friday, September 12 from 1-2 PM in Smith 204 to hear firsthand from a TCU alum and learn more about Amazon, their corporate culture and this full time opportunity as a Brand Specialist/Analyst.

What are some things that you may be doing in this role?

  • Operate as a general manager, working across major functional areas such as buying, inventory management and on-line marketing to drive performance of strategic vendor partners
  • Manage revenue and profits, assist in negotiating business terms, optimize the supply chain, drive new customer acquisition and traffic through marketing initiatives
  • Create innovative ways to grow your business

 What does Amazon look for in candidates for this role?

  • Amazonian DNA – bias for action, customer-centricity, flexibility, analytical ability, drive to own/build/grow… and ability to have a little fun!
  • Graduate prior to July 2015
  • Work, internship and leadership experience in professional environment
  • Excellent academic record
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to break down and solve complex problems in a high-energy, fast paced environment
  • Great organizational skills


Apply via Amazon’s website and submit resume to FrogJobs Posting—Job ID 44783.

Check out this blog post from a visit to Amazon headquarters in Seattle for additional information on the Amazon undergraduate recruiting process and opportunities.


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