Senior (Dis)Orientation




Senior (Dis)Orientation
November 1

Senior (Dis)Orientation is an event offered by TCU Student Development Services and is specially designed to help seniors prepare for their rapidly approaching life after graduation. The breakout sessions include these:

  • Researching & Applying to Graduate/Professional Programs
    • Learn how to find the best programs for you and apply successfully.
  • Making the Most of Graduate/Professional School
    • Get prepared for the differences of post-graduate education, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Financial Management & Planning
    • Gain important knowledge about loan repayment, insurance, cost of living, salary, credit, and investment for your future.
  • Entering the Job Market
    • Make sure your skills are well honed to searching for jobs effectively: finding or making job opportunities; interviewing; writing resumes and cover letters; building portfolios; etc.
  • Relocation & Independent Living
    • Discover the best strategies and resources to make a smoother transition into a new living situation.
  • Getting Along at Work: Ethics and Etiquette in the Workplace
    • Interpersonal skills and ethical decision-making are crucial to success in any professional environment, often more than technical skills, and especially in the more culturally and generationally diverse environments beyond TCU.
  • Building a New Social Life
    • What will you do for fun and meaningful relationships and activities after college? This session provides important tips on how to craft a life outside work or post-graduate education that can be satisfying, enriching, and healthy.

During lunch, attendees will engage with a panel of alumni talking about the challenges they faced as new graduates and how they worked through (or how wish they had worked through them!).

This program has no fee, but it does require registration by October 22ndclick here to register!

Senior (dis)Orientation


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