NewCo Festival Spotlight


“Wouldn’t it be cool if… A platform existed that identified, celebrated and connected businesses on a mission”


The NewCo Festival: Welcome Inside

Get inside the world’s most intriguing companies to learn, connect and celebrate. NewCo’s “inside out” model is your passport.

Since 2012, we’ve produced 24+ NewCo festivals around the world. Attending a NewCo festival is a remarkable experience! It’s like a passport into the true culture of businesses changing the face of cities as diverse as Istanbul, Mexico City, New York, and London. Our “inside out” model is simple: Pick your city. Get your ticket. Choose which companies you want to explore.



Attending NewCo Festival in San Francisco was a phenomenal experience. I had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of companies including Salesforce, Brit + Co, Twitter, Chute, Pinterest, Zaption, NewCo, Google, Airbnb, LinkedIn over a two day period…. and travel throughout the city of San Francisco in the process. I met some incredible people along the way too.

I would highly recommend to students interested in the location and/or the type of companies that are NewCo. There’s not a better way to learn about a company and the culture, specifically, than physically being at their organization and hearing from senior leadership on-site. NewCo companies are “mission driven and create a positive impact driving change in their corner of the world. They are high growth, information first and thrive in the tangled banks of the cities… revolutionizing how, where and why we work.” Not just any company is considered NewCo and allowed to be part of the Festival.


What do you do at a NewCo Festival?

  • Select the companies that you attend from a schedule of visits throughout a 1-2 day period
  • Visit companies on-site—it’s an immersive experience
  • Hear from senior level executives on a variety of topics—many companies address the mission of their organization, but some have more focused, targeted topics for a particular audience
  • Network with other individuals attending the festival in a relaxed, low key atmosphere
  • Experience the city through traveling to different visits—it’s truly a celebration of the city as well

What NewCo is not?

  • It’s not a recruiting event. I didn’t meet one recruiter during my 8+ visits, but I did learn a lot about the companies and made other connections that could be helpful in a career search
  • It’s not targeted for students. With that being said, I think it’s one of the benefits and would be absolutely amazing experience for a student… and demonstrate initiative, passion and commitment to those individuals that you meet there

Meg Lehman, National Employment Recruiter in Alcon Career Center


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