Etiquette Tip: When Not To Be Subtle


Check out the most recent Etiquette Tip of the Week from the Culture and Manners Institute!

Talking with food in your mouth is an obvious way to flunk an interview meal.

Here are 10 more subtle ways to flunk an interview or botch your business meal:

1. Chewing your ice
2. Dragging your teeth on a fork or spoon
3. Using a finger to push food onto your fork
4. Saying “Aaaaahhhh,” after every sip of your drink
5. Licking your knife
6. Salting food between every bite
7. Talking about your diet
8. Trying to dislodge food from your teeth with your fingernail
9. Fishing ice out of your water glass to cool your soup
10. Applying lipstick at the table

If you are wondering why “Making yummy noises” didn’t make the list, it’s because I do that.

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