Job Opportunity: Principal Research Lead with APQC


Does passion for your area of expertise drive you to stay on the leading edge of what’s hot? Are you motivated to talk to clients to uncover their biggest business challenges? Do you enjoy presenting new research results to live audiences?

APQC is seeking an intellectually curious and experienced principal research lead to engage APQC members in ground-breaking research yielding valuable, relevant content. As the thought leader in Supply Chain Management, the principal research lead combines primary and secondary research skills with solid writing, presentation, and client interaction skills to develop research topics. The principal research lead shapes and scopes the research agenda and then disseminates the results as broadly as possible. Continue reading


Choosing Among Job Offers


First things first

First, make sure you know enough about the organization, the job, and the details of each offer to weigh one offer against another. If you lack information, seek it out by asking the employer, researching the organization, and talking to others who work at or are familiar with the organization or job. Ask your career services staff if they have had feedback from past students who have taken jobs with the organizations you are considering, and check to see if your career office has an alumni adviser to help you make contact with alumni working for these organizations. Continue reading

Organizations Offer Information on Jobs With the State or Federal Government


National Conference of State Legislatures This is a nonpartisan, noncommercial website designed to educate college students, recent graduates, and anyone looking to change careers about the diverse professional opportunities available within state legislatures. The “Career Paths” section features testimonials from statehouse staff from Florida to Hawaii, Texas to Wisconsin sharing their job experiences and motivations for choosing a career in public service. Continue reading