Etiquette Tip: Showcase Your Best Face


Whether you are a college student about to be launched into the working world or someone launched long ago, consider your LinkedIn photo.

Social networking site LinkedIn connects people in business. Some people rack up 500+ connections and forget about it. Stay active on LinkedIn with current contacts and find new ones.
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Etiquette Tip: Asking for a coffee interview



The Holidays are a great time for informational interviews. Here is the challenging part: you have to ask for them.

If you meet someone at a party or event, don’t be afraid to ask. “Your career (or company) sounds very interesting. Do you have time this week to grab a cup of coffee and tell me more about what you do?”

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Etiquette Tip: What interviewers don’t care about



It’s time for a little tough love.  This is difficult for me to say, and the last thing I want is for you to take this the wrong way.

But interviewers don’t care what they can do for you.  There it is.  The skunk is on the table.

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Etiquette Tip: Settling the spaghetti spoon issue


Spaghetti on fork with meatballs and tomato sauceNormally, you would stay away from spaghetti in a business meal and opt for something less messy — a smaller noodle like macaroni or penne. But sometimes, a little spaghetti into our business or social lives must fall. That said, we are finally going to settle this spaghetti and spoon thing once and for all. The etiquette authorities are divided, so I will quote them directly: Continue reading